Benefits for the workplace

Having previously worked in small and large organisations we are very aware of how much having a healthy, efficient and motivated workforce is an essential factor in every companies’ success.

The effect of a competitive forceful environment can leave employees with stress and minor ailments that can adversely affect an individual’s performance, also impact on their personal life as they become increasingly tired and lacking in motivation.

Benefits to your Employees Benefits to your Company
Decreased stress level

Better able to cope with pressure

Improved effectiveness

More efficient workforce

Punctuality improves


Immune system strengthened

Fewer health problems



Reduced absenteeism

Sleep patterns improve Working hours are used more efficiently due to improved focus

Decreased irritability


Better customer service


Convenience of treatment

Saving travelling time / costs


‘Investing in people’ initiative

Minimal cost

Prolonged stress can lead to:

  •        Constant fatigue
  •        Headaches
  •        Gastrointestinal disorders
  •        Outburst of irritability and anger
  •        Poor concentration
  •        Weaken immune system
  •        Often can result in periods of sick absence.

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