À la carte packages

SOLE package (Reflexology). We provide 15-25 minute Reflexology treatments per individual. Treatments include a short consultation to explore individual needs and preferences and rule out any possible contraindications to treatment. While your feet are being massaged and stimulated using professional Reflexology creams or waxes, soft music is played in the background to aid relaxation.

RELAX package (Reflexology & Relaxation Techniques). We provide 15-25 minute treatments of Reflexology, Relaxation or both in combination. Select from wonderfully rejuvenating Reflexology treatments on the feet, or a session of Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Breathing exercises to get you well on your way to relaxation heaven! For even deeper bliss select a double treatment, and enjoy the wonders of combining deep breathing with foot pampering!

For package prices and duration see below:

BRONZE SOLE or BRONZE RELAX PACKAGE – 2 hours total booking= £280

SILVER SOLE or SILVER RELAX PACKAGE – 3 hours total booking time= £410

GOLD SOLE or GOLD RELAX PACKAGE – 4 hours total booking time = £520

Please note: there is a maximum of four bookings per hour (15 minute slots) and a minimum of two (25 minute slots). Cost of the package is based on the total booking duration, not the number of slots filled, and cannot be refunded if there are last-minute individual cancellations. For more information on bookings, please read our FAQs.


Simply complete the booking request form and submit. Once we confirm date and time availability we will supply you with a contract, which outlines all the details of your booking, and an invoice. We will also ask you to pay a non-refundable deposit of £50 to secure the booking.

About a week before the event we will ask you to let us know about the session bookings so that we can arrange your appointment schedule(s) and will confirm the remainder of your balance.

For more information on booking please read our FAQs.


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